Immigrant Council of Ireland

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The Immigrant Council of Ireland is an NGO with more than 15 years of experience in providing legal assistance to migrants in Ireland, ensuring equal access to justice and supporting individuals and families in a changing cultural landscape.

Their goals are:

  • The introduction of an immigration system which is clear, fair and just for all
  • The establishment of an independent appeals service for immigration decisions
  • Encouraging integration and participation in all aspects of Irish life
  • A robust response to racism
  • Changes in the law to end sex trafficking

As part of their work, they have entered in contact with a great number of migrants who have entered Ireland permanently or temporarily, from both inside and outside of Europe. This has also meant collecting their stories.

Given their extensive experience in the field, the collaboration with the Immigrant Council of Ireland will be very important in gathering the stories and experiences of mobilized persons, their aspirations and the difficulties that they encountered in Ireland.