OT Platform will be at our Symposium

We are happy to announce that Outlandish Theatre (OT Platform) will join us on September 29.

_ot-blackThis theatre company is based in Dublin 8, and it has a deep and comprehensive focus on the everyday life of its community. Influenced by absurdist art (Artaud, Kafka, René Magritte, Needcompany, Forced Entertainment, Quarantine), they research the social, visual and aural landscape around them to build a collaborative theatre experience. As they indicate in their mission statement:

As we experience the fault lines between old and new communities, often clearly segregated by social, economic and cultural boundaries, we feel working with the residents of our culturally and socially diverse community is important. As a company we see the need to engage with the un(der)represented members of our society in theatre, working together to creating multi-layered and complex work, which avoids flat stereotypes.

In the rapidly changing urban landscape, they often focus on the experience of migration, displacement and adaptation in Dublin 8. Projects include Between Land and Water (2014), where they collaborated with 5 Muslim/Arabic women to investigate the memory and adaptation to the new landscape; and the recent Megalomaniac (2016) which follows the life of a Syrian immigrant in Dublin, between the new land and war-torn Syria.

OT Platform are Maud Hendricks, artistic director; Bernie O’Reilly, writer and performer; and Fiona Bolger, poet and Facilitator. Joining them in Galway, there will be a member of the D8 community with whom they collaborate daily. We look forward to hearing about their inclusive practice and how it involves working with people from different social, cultural and ethnic backgrounds.


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