Polish Theatre Ireland joins our symposium

Founded by Kasia Lech, Helen McNulty and Ania Wolf in 2008, this Dublin-based theatre organisation has produced both original plays and new translations of Polish works, always inhabiting the space between languages and cultures, always involving a highly multicultural cast. It will be a pleasure to welcome Kasia Lech in Galway on September 29.

Working on theatre as a way of bridging cultural divides, they were born with the intention to “promote Polish texts – both classical and contemporary – on Irish theatre stages” and challenge audiences to “feel, think and interact with the Polish diaspora in Ireland within the dramatic context.” Their activity quickly expanded, involving also productions and actors from different backgrounds.PTI logo

Their past productions include translations of Polish playwright
Radosław Paczocha’s Scent of Chocolate (2010) and Delta Phase (2012) Chesslaugh Mewash (2011), a play based on poet Czesław Miłosz where the English language encounters Irish, Polish, French, Lithuanian and Slovakian; and Bubble Revolution (2016), a coming-of-age story set before and after the fall of communism.Delta Phase by by Silver Merick Studio

In their work, they always paid attention to language: the language we inhabit, the language we encounter every day in Dublin, the language of the company members and the language of the written texts they were working on. Polish Theatre Ireland is a multi-lingual, multi-cultural company; we cannot wait to hear about how they approach this aspect of an art form that combines the universality of the human body on stage with words that are pronounced in a given language, which in turn comes from a given place, and sometimes travels a long way to reach the audience.  Kasia Lech, by Tomasz Lazar





(Pictures courtesy of Kasia Lech. Copyright by the respective authors.)


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